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CBHoops Recruiting Exposure Program 

There is a LEVEL for Everybody!


 The CBHoops Recruiting Exposure Program is designed to connect the dots from the Players to the Coaches and the Coaches to the Players. We will use our database of nationally recognized coaches’ contacts to assist each student-athlete, who wants to play at the next level, in finding at home. Our CBHoops Recruiting Exposure Program is ONLY for the student-athlete that has a high-level of interest in playing beyond high school at any level, not just the Division I. If you only want to PLAY D-I; this is not the program for you. 


Benefits of Exposure Program 

CBHoops Watch List 

CBHoops Watch List will be sent to each and every coach in the country. Coaches at all levels, NCAA- Division I, Division II, and Division III,JUCO and NAIA/Postgraduate and Prep coaches also receive the watch list. The watch list allows the coaches to get a glimpse into who you are. The list includes information about you, your high school, your basketball stats, your grade point average, test scores, and most importantly, highlight film. Being able to market yourself is the most valuable asset. Just as you see commercials and find out about things; you have to be able to market yourself to coaches in order to be given the best possible chance to play at the next level, whatever level that may be for you. 



NCAA Eligibility: New eligibility rules for NCAA Division I took effect August 2016 and new rules for Division II will take place in 2018. As part of the CBHoops Recruiting Exposure Program You will receive an evaluation of your current transcript to ensure that you are taking or have taken the proper courses. NCAA Division I requires 16 core courses be taken; with 10 of those courses completed before the seventh semester of high school. Within those 10 courses, 7 must be in the areas of English, math or science. You must also have a 2.3 core grade point average. Having your transcript evaluated will determine if you are on the right path. You will also receive a calculated NCAA Core GPA which will help determine what scores are needed for SAT and/or ACT test. CBHoops would like to see all student-athletes reach the NCAA Division I requirements, even if this is not the level of play you are chosen for. Setting high standards is what we are all about. Academics matter!!!


Social Media Promotion 

Social Media is one of the largest components when it comes to getting exposure. As part of the CB Hoops Exposure Program, you will get a full social media write up. After participating at an event or playing in your school games, your information will be tweeted out. CB Hoops is followed by coaches from all levels  and some of the basketball powers from all over the  from all over the country . Exposure is everything.  You should be following as well on twitter at @coachcblack. Your social media accounts are a snapshot of who you are on and off the court. CB Hoops does not support accounts that are being abused and not showing sportsmanship like behavior. PLAY HARD, GET EXPOSURE, and LEVEL UP!!!!!



One of the first questions asked by a college coach is "Do the player have film?" As part of the CBHoops Exposure package we will do a 2-3 min highlight on you. The highlight film will be done by our Director of Video Services who is one of the best film guys in the business. This highlight will also be posted on your player page on the website and also sent to college coaches across the country. 





 2018 CBHoops Exposure Program

 Raynere Thornton

 Tristan Harper






CB Hoops was created by Corry Black in order to help student-athletes in their quest to play College Basketball. Corry Black is a former College Basketball Coach that knows what it takes for kids to get recruited and earn a chance to play College Basketball.